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Last updated at Fri Jan 13 22:02, by Branko Majic

So you want to start developing The Bug Genie stuff?  ⇑ top

These howtos and articles should tell you all you need to know about getting your hands dirty in The Bug Genie code. Before you start developing, please see the section called recommended reading, and then you can get right to it.

Should you need any help, we're always available in the forums, live chat or by email support.

Recommended reading  ⇑ top

Before you start  ⇑ top

An introduction to the MVC framework powering The Bug Genie, as well as a short description of the different components. Recommended reading if you want to get a quick introduction to the framework without going into all the nitty gritty details

A gentle introduction to the framework  ⇑ top

Tying it all together  ⇑ top

Write your own modules  ⇑ top

Advanced topics  ⇑ top

Integration  ⇑ top

  • JSON API - integrate TBG with other systems easily


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