The Bug Genie
The Bug Genie
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Introduction  ⇑ top

The Bug Genie uses an ActiveRecord-based ORM built for The Bug Genie, called B2DB. This ORM provides all the necessary functionality for interfacing with the database, including functionality for writing and working with database table classes, entities and communicating with the database. B2DB is not a complete-stack ORM framework, so there may be only limited functionality available in certain areas, but it provides all functionality needed for basic and advanced database operations and communication.

B2DB interfaces via the database through PDO, and supports all backends provided by PDO, although connectors are only written for MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL and (experimental support for) MSSQL.

Structure and layout  ⇑ top

B2DB is written in, and takes advantage of php 5.3 features such as namespaces and late static binding. This makes B2DB incompatible with php versions < 5.3, but makes it fast, versatile and powerful. All B2DB classes live in the b2db namespace:

b2db\Core - provides the core functionality for the framework. Also takes care of maintaining the table and entity definitions cache, controlling the connection, transactions and more.

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