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The Bug Genie:Development:Getting Started
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Introduction  ⇑ top

This is a short article on how to get started with developing for The Bug Genie, either by creating new modules, extending or changing core functionality.

Downloading the source code  ⇑ top

The Bug Genie source code documentation

Extending The Bug Genie  ⇑ top

You can extend The Bug Genie in several ways. Either
  • Modify core functionality directly
  • Modify an existing module
  • Writing a module for the bug genie
Depending on what you want to achieve, you may want to go down either one of these routes. However, extending The Bug Genie by writing a new module is always the best way to do it, as this will not conflict with new versions of The Bug Genie. If you do end up modifying an existing module (or core functionality) please submit your patches so we can include it in an upcoming bugfix or point release.

Modifying the core functionality  ⇑ top

Sometimes it might seem as you would need to modify existing functionality to achieve what you're after. However, it might be easier to implement your functionality in a module via events instead, to prevent modifications of other parts of the system. Usually, adding a new event to The Bug Genie core will make it possible to implement the functionality via a module instead. To read more about adding and using events, see Events.

If you end up modifying the core functionality, please submit your changes back to us.

Modifying an existing module  ⇑ top

You can add functionality to an existing module by modifying it directly. If you're modifying a module that is distributed with The Bug Genie, you may save time by checking that the desired functionality is not already in development, or planned for a future release. Same suggestion about submitting changes as above, applies.

Writing a new module for The Bug Genie  ⇑ top

This is the recommended way of extending the functionality in The Bug Genie, and this also keeps your functionality compatible between releases. To read more about developing modules for The Bug Genie, see Modules

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