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The Bug Genie:Development:Link to Open Issues from Dashboard
Last updated at Sat Feb 26 19:03, by DAJ

Jumping to Open Issues from the Dashboard  ⇑ top

The Dashboard is a useful landing page in your Bug Genie site as users can customize the content in the middle two columns. The far right column contains a list of all Projects they have access to including a quick link to 'Issues' for the project. Clicking on this link takes them to the Issues screen but there are further clicks to get to the Open Issues -- what if you want to take them directly to open issues for the project.....

(The detail below comes will the usual warnings -- be careful; keep a copy of the original file before you change!)

  • look for the file ....
  • Download the file and edit in a good plain text editor
  • at, or around, line 53 you are looking for a line ...
 <?php echo link_tag(make_url('project_issues', array('project_key' => $project->getKey())), __('Issues')); ?>
  • change the 'project_issues' to 'project_open_issues', so the line now looks like...
 <?php echo link_tag(make_url('project_open_issues', array('project_key' => $project->getKey())), __('Issues')); ?>
  • upload the file back to the original location on the server.

From the dashboard you should now be able to click directly to the Open Issues for the project

Tested and Confirmed with version 3.0.1

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