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The Bug Genie:Development:Modify Notification Emails
Last updated at Fri Feb 25 16:19, by DAJ

Modifying the notification emails  ⇑ top

TBG has the ability to send out automated notifications under particular circumstances, and you have the option to customise these templates.

There are templates for:
  • Requesting a Password reset
  • Confirming a successful Password reset
  • Confirming new account creating
  • Notification of a new issue created
  • Notification of an issued updated
  • Test email (used during mail server setup by admin)

Templates Location  ⇑ top

The templates are located in the root folder of your installation under:

Template names  ⇑ top

The template names should be obvious, based on the description above. Each email has two template files associated with it -- one is for the HTML version of the message, the other plain text. Both formats are sent in the email which means the recipients can view the content if their email service does not support HTML emails.

The template filename includes the phrase 'html' or 'text' to signify it's format.

  • Do NOT put any HTML content in a 'text' template
  • When using HTML bear in mind that HTML content is supported in varying degrees of compliance across email clients. Try to stick to simple HTML formatting. Embedded Style sheets are not supported in many email services (example, Google Mail). Inline styling is better supported (i.e. at the individual HTML tag level)
  • Notification emails are not multi-lingual and will be sent as seen. There is no option to translate based on the users selected language.
  • There are a few other files in the template folder -- these can be ignored as they are for setup screens within TBG

Modifying a template  ⇑ top

Before modifying anything take a copy of the template as a backup. You can keep it in the same folder but with a different name; perhaps start it with BAK_ for example.

Edit the two files in a plain text editor such as Notepad++ (windows) or TextWrangler (Mac) and adjust the text, and/or formatting as necessary.

Save the files and test.

Example  ⇑ top

You wish to change the font style and/or size of the emails.

Open the appropriate HTML templates. Looking on the top line change the styling to something like
 <div style="font-family: 'Arial', Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; color: #646464;">

As we are only changing the styling, and not the wording, there is no need to modify the equivalent plain text file. If you were changing the wording, you need to modify both files (text and html)

Tested and Confirmed with version 3.01

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