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The Bug Genie:Development:Translation
Last updated at Mon Feb 21 20:22, by zegenie
Adding a translation to your language is fairly easy. Please have a look at the i18n folder in your Bug Genie installation. It contains folders named according to the language codes. Copy one of already available to a new one appropriate to your language, e.g. en-au for Australian English, de-at for Austrian German, nl for Dutch, etc. The new folder will be picked up by The Bug Genie automatically. The folder shall contain the following files:
  • language - contains a name of the language
  • - contains any specific pre-output functions needed for the language
  • - contains the strings themselves, english string on the left side, right aide as the translated variant

Please ensure to:
  • edit the files as UTF-8 without BOM
  • maintain proper PHP syntax

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