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The Bug Genie:Testing:Release Candidate Upgrades
Last updated at Mon Apr 02 14:22, by zegenie

Introduction  ⇑ top

Downloading pre-release versions is a great way of making sure new versions of The Bug Genie still function as expected. Please be aware that upgrading between test releases (like the release candidates) requires that you follow closely all steps necessary to get to the release you need.

Upgrading a release candidate  ⇑ top

When you're upgrading your RC install, you need to upgrade to the next RC and follow the instructions for that upgrade. Continue this for all RCs that have upgrade instructions, until you reach the first final version in the upgrade path. From there, you can upgrade from final to final version.

Why so much hassle?  ⇑ top

To even be able to support upgrading between RCs is a lot of work for our small team. Following the upgrade path properly means we can ensure that you aren't missing important fixes which occurs only very late in the development cycle, and trigger errors or bugs that have already been fixed.

Upgrading 3.2 RCs  ⇑ top

Follow the instructions for upgrading from 3.1.x to 3.1.x, then perform all the following actions corresponding to your upgrade path starting with the earliest upgrade steps. IMPORTANT: always restart your webserver (to reset the webserver cache), *and* clear the contents of the folder
before performing any of the steps below (and between each step).

Upgrading from Release Candidate 8 or earlier to Release Candidate 9  ⇑ top

Release Candidate 9 fixes a number of issues with custom fields as well as reintroduces compatibility with custom fields. If you don't use custom fields, the upgrade instructions will probably run all fine. If you use custom fields and the below instructions fail, you should either contact us for paid support, or re-upgrade / re-install, as your setup is not supported for a manual upgrade.

Insert into modules/main/classes/actions.class.php, line 411:
// Add classpath for existing old tables used for upgrade
TBGContext::addAutoloaderClassPath(THEBUGGENIE_MODULES_PATH . 'installation' . DS . 'classes' . DS . 'upgrade_3.1');

// Upgrade custom fields tables
Then, visit http://<thebuggenie_url>/about and wait for it to load. If any errors are displayed, follow the instructions mentioned above. If everything went fine, no messages will be displayed, and you can remove the lines you inserted.

Upgrading from Release Candidate 4, 5, 6 or 7 to Release Candidate 8  ⇑ top

Please run the following query on your database (if you're using a different prefix, then adapt it to your prefix instead):
UPDATE tbg3_listtypes SET itemtype = 'role' WHERE itemtype = 'projectrole'
For all ID's in tbg3_scopes, run the following queries, where <scope_id> is replaced with the scope id:
INSERT INTO tbg3_settings (module, name, value, scope) VALUES ('core', 'defaultissuetypescheme', (SELECT MIN(id) AS value FROM tbg3_issuetype_schemes WHERE scope = <scope_id>), <scope_id>);
INSERT INTO tbg3_settings (module, name, value, scope) VALUES ('core', 'defaultworkflowscheme', (SELECT MIN(id) AS value FROM tbg3_workflow_schemes WHERE scope = <scope_id>), <scope_id>);
INSERT INTO tbg3_settings (module, name, value, scope) VALUES ('core', 'defaultworkflow', (SELECT MIN(id) AS value FROM tbg3_workflows WHERE scope = <scope_id>), <scope_id>);
NOTE: If any of the three above SQL queries fails, or does not affect any rows then you will need to re-upgrade from version 3.1.x as your configuration is not supported for a manual upgrade. For each of the inserted settings above, look through tbg3_projects and make sure that any projects that does not have workflow_scheme_id or issuetype_scheme_id set gets the above default values set, otherwise things may fail.

Upgrading from Release Candidate 3 or earlier  ⇑ top

This is not supported.

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