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Last updated at Mon Feb 21 10:38, by zegenie
The Bug Genie version 3.0.1 released!

On 13th February 2011, we released version 3.0.1 available for immediate download. This release fixes several issues reported since our initial release, improving stability and performance across the entire application.

Most notable issues fixed:
  • Issue #343
  • Issue #341
  • Issue #367
  • Issue #361
  • The internal debugging and development mode has now been turned *off* by default

In addition, a few minor enhancements have been added:
  • You can now choose to directly import any articles from the fixture folder, via the updated wiki module configuration page
  • Project keys can now be modified directly in project configuration
  • A much improved internal debugging and development tool has been included by default (enable logging in TBGLogging and debug_mode in TBGContext to see the new tool below the footer

Important  ⇑ top

You should clear the contents of the following folder after extracting the release:

Updating to version 3.0.1 is highly encouraged. This release improves stability and performance in several key areas.

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