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Last updated at Mon May 23 10:33, by zegenie
The Bug Genie 3.1 Release Candidate "Bergen" now available

After a little delay due to lack of time from the main team, we've finally packaged up and uploaded the 3.1 Release Candidate to our download area.
This release has been named "Bergen", the name of the hometown from one of our team members. People from Bergen have a strong and passionate relationship with their hometown and is usually more proud of it than most else. As such, it is a good fit for our 3.1 release - the best release we've come up with - so far.

The release candidate has the following changes from the last beta:

Please download and test this release candidate.
All the usual disclaimers apply (don't use on production data without a complete backup, etc), but this release is considered to be identical to the final release unless serious bugs are found.

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