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The Bug Genie
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Last updated at Fri Jun 17 14:12, by zegenie
The Bug Genie 3.1.1 released

The Bug Genie 3.1.1 now available!  ⇑ top

Version 3.1.1 has just been pushed to our project download space. This release implements a slightly altered permissions checking approach, fixing several long awaited outstanding permissions issues. Should you experience any errors with this version, you can redownload 3.1 and overwrite.

New features  ⇑ top

No new features are implemented in this release.

Downloading  ⇑ top

You can download this release from our download area, filename

Installing or upgrading  ⇑ top

This release is a minor release update and can be extracted on top of an existing 3.1 installation. If you're running 3.0.x, follow the upgrade procedure mentioned in the FAQ.

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