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Last updated at Sun Jul 24 15:14, by lsproc
The Bug Genie 3.1.3 released

The Bug Genie 3.1.3 now available!  ⇑ top

Version 3.1.3 has just been released, which fixes a huge number of issues. This includes a number of important security fixes.

The security issues fixed are:
  • The issue with restrictive mode mentioned on the blog
  • It is possible to access wiki articles for projects you are not allowed to access
  • Any user can alter the scrum colour

New features  ⇑ top

  • It is now possible for users to choose to use the system language and timezone instead of setting their own. This is the default for new users, and users who have not set a custom one
  • Some internal updates to the content-serving code has been made, which may be used in a future update to fix other bugs
  • Like TBG2, a small message stating what the time is when changing the timezone

Bugfixes  ⇑ top

The following issues have been fixed by this release:
  • Issue 783
  • Issue 777
  • Issue 771
  • Issue 714
  • Issue 749
  • Issue 702
  • Issue 739
  • Issue 660
  • Issue 679
  • Issue 676
  • Issue 675
  • Issue 714
  • Issue 551
  • Issue 636
Other issues resolved in this release are:
  • Minor tweaks to the user list
  • Debug mode has been disabled
  • Correct the position of the Report an Issue button
  • Fixes for i18n errors in VCS Integration and Mailing
  • Fixes an upgrade issue with postgresql
  • Fixes a security issue in the Wiki module, where it is possible to access articles for projects which you do not have access to
  • Fixes a security issue where restrictive mode does not function properly (see
  • Some reformatting issues with regard to errors
  • Tweaks to the upload page for wiki articles
  • Some appearance tweaks to the project pages
  • State whether an issue is open or closed when making an issue relation
  • Mark the user as no longer working on an issue if that user is unassigned
  • Tweak comment creation when setting scrum colour
  • Appearance change for the comment tools
  • Fix the viewissue layout when there is a very long line in the description or reproduction steps
  • Don't show closed issues in scrumb acklog
  • Fix a security issue where any user can alter the scrum colour
  • Aesthetic improvements to scrum cards
  • Performance improvements to the scrum backlog

Downloading  ⇑ top

You can download this release from our download area, filename

Installing or upgrading  ⇑ top

This release is a minor release update and can be extracted on top of an existing 3.1 installation. If you're running 3.0.x, follow the upgrade procedure mentioned in the FAQ.

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